Services Offered

  • Printing Services

    Canvas Gallery Wrap


    Our Canvas Gallery Wrap prints are made on premier Epson professional Polly-Cotton canvas and are available on Glossy and Satin and are printed on state-of-the-art Epson Sure Color 80600 ten color printer for the best result. Either for the best skin tone of professional portraits or vivid color of scenery subjects our Lab has created various profiles that make our prints stand out in our industry. We are the only lab that can give rich red, pink, and orange color to our clients that they have in their images.


    Your canvas is professionally stretched with three different depths 7/8”, 1.5”, and 2.5”. It comes with a hanger on the back and is ready to be hung on the wall. For sizes larger than 20×30 we do not recommend 7/8” stretcher bar due to large surface of the canvas.


    For edges of the print, we offer three options: extension of the same image, white or black. For black edges, you may add 10% to the actual price size.


    For any custom sizes, you may contact the lab for price and availability.


    Large Format Prints


    Our large format prints are available on pearl, matt, or glossy surfaces. Our highly experienced print technicians with state-of-the-art equipment print your images to get the best result by adjusting the color, density, contrast, and saturation to have the final project stands out as a great print.


    Fine Art Black and White


    At Moonlight Color lab we offer Black & White prints printed on traditional silver halide paper either from your negatives or digital files on our Durst Lambda 76 Digital Laser printer and processed through Kreonite Promat B&W paper processor.


    This service is unique in our industry and designed to give artists complete control over the subject image’s contrast, density, and shadow detail.


    Holiday Cards


    Send a greeting to family and friends to wish them the best with your own photo(s) and personal message and names printed in front.


    It comes in a pre-designed greeting card in a 4×8 size that holds your photo – up to 4- in a 4×6 window and a window for your personal message.


    There are more than 40 designs to choose from.


    We offer two categories: bordered and borderless. In the bordered option, the image size window is 3.5×5.


    There are more than 40 designs to choose from.


    T-Shirt Printing


    This service is preferred mainly to have any pictures/logos printed directly on your T-Shirts. You may still have any names or messages printed by choosing your favorite fonts from our list as well.

  • Scanning Service

    The perfect scan for any negatives comes from the perfect processed film which we do it well at Moonlight Color Lab. Since digital technology came along and photographers needed to have their films scanned, we made a great reputation amongst our clients for this service.


    Our scans have always been so genuine when you make prints from them you can not tell that the print was made from a digital file or was printed directly from a negative as old fashion way. We Scan Color, Black & White, and slides in 35mm and medium formats with our state-of-the-art KODAK HR500 Scanner for the utmost quality and care.

  • Raw File Conversion and Correction

    During the film time, what photographers were doing was shooting the job, putting the films in the envelope, and sending them to the lab for processing and proofing. Now in the digital era, we would like to bring the same comfort of the film era back to you by offering the “Raw File Conversion and Correction” service. The way it works is you send us your “Raw” files and we will give them back to you corrected as either “XMP” extension or “JPG” format.




    First, we “BATCH CORRECT” the files which are similar in subject and lighting condition. In the next step, we get to the “FIRST STAGE” of color balance. In this stage, we go for the best flesh tone, white and black in the subject.


    The “SECOND STAGE” is to work on highlights, shadow, contrast, saturation, gamma, and vibrance before being rendered.

  • Film Processing

    Do you still shoot your jobs on film? If you do, Moonlight Color Lab, as one of the few labs around still processing films is the right place for you.


    Moonlight has always been the best for its reputation for processing films at the highest standard.


    We are the choice of the Film manufacturing companies such as Kodak and Fuji when it comes to developing a new film and needs to have them tested prior to being manufactured and released to the market. We are one of their choices to test the product. They always trusted our processing as our clients did.




    Every morning starts by running the control strip to get the processor calibrated for the utmost quality assurance, then it gets read and plotted by the X-RITE densitometer for the final observation.


    After getting the ok from the “QC department” for tight quality control, the operator takes the rolls to the darkroom to be processed.


    Our recommendation for choosing a film:

    Color Films:
    – KODAK PORTRA160 ASA, 400 ASA and 800 ASA.
    – KODAK EXTAR100 ASA, fine grain.
    – FUJI PRO 160 NS and FUJI PRO 400 H.

    Price: Develop only.

    Color 35mm $10, Color 120 $12.

    Develop & High Res. Scan.

    Color 35mm $12, Color 35mm Half Frame $18, and Color 120 $16.

    B&W films:
    – KODAK T-MAX 100 ASA, 400 ASA and 3200 ASA.
    – KODAK TRI-X 400 ASA.
    – ILFORD HP5, FP4, EP2 400 ASA, SFX 200 ASA, DELTA 100 ASA, 400 ASA and 3200 ASA.
    – FUJI NEOPAN 100 ASA.

    Price: Develop only.

    B&W 35mm $12, B&W 120 $16.

    Develop and High Res. Scan.

    B&W 35mm $16, B&W 35mm Half Frame $22, and B&W 120 $20.


    Send us your films or bring them in for the best possible processing in the country.

  • Proofing

    Our proofing is printed on Fiji Crystal Archive paper with Kodak SRP30 Laser Printer. We offer no color correction; Prints are printed as is with no correction or with color correction for density, color, contrast, gamma, highlights, and shadow details.

  • Finishing Service



    Triple Weight white heat-activated boards with 0.077” thickness suitable for print sizes up to 20”x24” and 0.103” for 24”x30”, 30”x40” and any sizes in between.5×7 $3.95

    –8×10 – $5.95

    –11×14 – $7.95

    –16×20 – $13.95

    –20×24 – $18.95


    Stands out Boards with ¾” thickness in finished black or white edges.  This product is available only in the following standard sizes 8″ x 8″, 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″, 16″x16″, 16″ x 20″, 20″ x 20″, 20″ x 24″, 24”x30, 30″ x 40″.

    –8×10 – $19.95,     16″x16″ – $30.95

    –11×14 – $25.95     20″x20″- $45.95 

    –16×20 – $36.95    24″x24″- $61.95

    –20×24 – $51.95    30″x30″- $90.95

    –24×30 – $74.95

    –30×40 – $109.95


    Masonite Boards is ¼” thick hardboard that comes with black edge and blocks on the back ready to hang on the wall. It is only available in the standard sizes of 8”x10”, 8”x12”, 11”x14”, 16”x20”, 20”x24”, 24”x30” and 30”x40”.

    –5×7 – $9.50

    –8×10 – $12.95

    –11×14 – $16.95

    –16×20 – $22.95

    –20×24 – $30.95

    –24×30 – $45.95


    Foam Boards are light but sturdy with ¼” thickness in white color. It can be used for any size prints and especially for displays.



         We offer six different embossed textures as Canvas, Canvas Art, Linen, Linen Art, Pebble, and Pallet Knife, and is only available for prints made on photographic papers. 

    –5×7 – $.95

    –8×10 – $2.95

    –11×14 – $3.95

    –16×20 – $7.95

    –20×24 – $12.95


    Gallery Wrap Canvas

        This service is part of the job when you order your image on the canvas. You have three choices of stretcher bar thickness 7/8”, 1.5” and 2.5” to choose from at the time of placing your order.

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