The perfect scan for any negatives comes from the perfect processed film which we do it well at Moonlight Color Lab. Since digital technology came along and photographers needed to have their films scanned, we made a great reputation amongst our clients for this service.

Our scans has always been so genuine when you make prints from them you can not tell that the print was made from a digital file or was printed directly from negative as old fashion way. We Scan Color, Black & White, and slides in 35mm and medium formats with our state of the art KODAK HR500 Scanner for the utmost quality and care.


After job is edited goes to scanner station. Operator pulls up the job's information in our DP2 software and select the film type, film format, film crop size and the requested resolution. After having the set up completed, the scanner gets calibrated, focused and ready to go as either long roll for proofing or individual cut negatives for re prints.

During hours of scanning it is mandatory for our operator after 20 scans to open up the scanned images in photoshop to check for any possible defects which usually is not the case. To have the best result scanner requires to be calibrated and focused every two hours. The next step prior to printing or rendering them on the disc is to have them color corrected.In this step every single image gets corrected for the color, contrast, gamma, saturation and density with our best team of experts that are doing this for the past 35 years.