Film Processing


Moonlight has always been the best lab around for its reputation for processing the films at the highest standard. We are the choice of the Film manufacturers companies such as Kodak and Fuji. Any time they develop a new film and needs to have them tested prior to be manufactured and released to the market We are one of their choices. They always trusted our processing as our clients did.


Every morning starts by running control strip to get processor calibrated for the utmost quality assurance, Then it gets read and plotted by X-RITE densitometer for the final observation.

After getting ok by the QC department for the tight quality control operator takes the rolls that are priorly numbered and labeled with the barcodes in to the darkroom to run. After 45 minutes of going through the different steps of the chemicals the rack that carries the rolls get in to dryer for the final stage of processing.

Then operator takes the processed rolls and put them with its original order for being spliced and edited prior taking them to the scanner station.


We process any Color and B&W films that are available in the market. We suggest using the following professional color films that are designed for the best result for professional photographers such as;

For B&W films here are our suggestion;