Raw File Conversion & Correction


During the film time, what photographers were doing was shoot the job, put the films in the envelop and send them to lab for processing and proofing. Now in the digital era we would like to bring the same comfort of the film era back to you by offering the "Raw File Conversion and Correction" service. The way it works, you send us your "Raw" files and we will give them back to you corrected as either "XMP" extension or "JPG" format.


First we "BATCH CORRECT" the files which are fairly similar in subject and the lighting condition. At the next step we get to the "FIRST STAGE" of color balance. In this stage we go for the best flesh tone and true white and black subjects in each individual image.

After finishing correcting the color the next step is to work with highlights, shadow, contrast, saturation, gama and vibrance before going the subject's temperature for the final color correction that is the "LAST STAGE" before saving changes. We welcome your comments and any further questions regarding this service by contacting us.