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John Solano believes in magic. He experienced its wonders in his photography darkroom as he witnessed seemingly blank pages of photographic paper transform into extraordinary images. Much like the process involved in producing those images - immersion, solidifying, and fixing - John's journey to becoming one of the top wedding photographers in the United States has been an exciting one. He now devotes his career to making magic happen for his diverse clientele by producing dazzling and unforgettable images.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, John decided to become a photographer at 17 after he landed a position as an assistant for one of L.A.'s top wedding photographers. After four years of immersing himself in all aspects of the industry, he worked as a production assistant and staff photographer for another 11 years before opening his own wedding photography studio.

After two decades in photography, John has honed his skills as an intuitive image maker. He has traveled to locations around the world to photograph weddings and special events. He loves "love" and enjoys the interaction between people and his camera lens. His "true moments" approach promotes a relaxed atmosphere for capturing the best images. His commitment to excellence extends beyond just the photographic coverage of an event. He utilizes the most advanced editing and image preparation techniques to create sophisticated visual memories presented in attractive, multi-set, leather-bound albums.

John has solidified his unique style by "capturing the moment." He prefers a lifestyle documentary approach when he takes pictures. This method allows him to view the natural and spontaneous moments that tell the real stories of weddings. His talent for blending dynamic images with compelling visual storytelling soon attracted the attention of well-known personalities - he has photographed the weddings of actress Brooke Shields, television personality Nancy O'Dell, professional basketball player Tracy McGrady, and Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. John's photographs of Britney Spears's wedding appeared on the cover of People and in a 23-page spread inside the magazine.

Beverly Hills, California