Looking for the greatest processing lab in the Country. I’ll base my lifetime Portrait Photography career on the quality and performance of the 5 great D”S Davar, Daryoush, Darab, Davoud and Doriyeh at Moonlight Color Lab. I began doing business with Davar and his talented family in 1993. They took me through the transition from film to digital, as they grew themselves.

For an environmental portrait photographer with constant lighting challenges I needed the best lab. There has been only one company that has been able to provide me with consistent, and beautiful skin tones, and I am particular.

Their years of knowledge and experience is invaluable, and hard to find. Color and Density are from this fine lab is always right on, even when my lighting is way off.

Always there to help, with the impossible job. Davar says, that is our job.

As a portrait professional since the 1980'’s, serving very discriminating costumers, I can not fool around.I swear I would quit, if I did not have Davar and his professional crew.

My thanks to Moonlight and a world of recommendations for Moonlight Color Lab. I hope they are here to serve all of us for years to come.

Gayla Wolf


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Bishop, California