I have been utilizing the services of Moonlight Color Lab almost fifteen years. Davar and his team are committed to delivering the highest quality photofinishing services at reasonable prices. Davar makes sure that each order gets his full attention and insures that the color and contrast of each print is the best possible. At this point in time, professional photographers need every tool available to set their work apart from the growing competition and I have grown to count on Moonlight Color Lab the deliver the best prints of my work.


I am a second generation professional photographer. I have photographed over 500 weddings, corporate and holiday events all over Southern California and as far away as Yosemite, San Diego and Phoenix, Arizona.

I also have photographed countless individuals and families.

The studio has been a member of the Simi Valley Chamber sine 1982. Among my client list is the City of Simi Valley, New York Life, Simi Valley Hospital, American Jewish University and Columbia Home Products.

Moorpark, California

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