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As a native of LA I have always embraced the California lifestyle. Fun, relaxed and creative. The best place in the world to be a photographer! Seeing the beauty through my lens. Using light and shadow to tell stories.

As a family man with children I understand the intimate relationships between our closest loved ones. We are all either husbands, wives, children, grandparents, grandchildren, friends and lovers. Bring those feelings to the image is what I do.

All of my life I have been dedicated to recording the images of life's moments. The large and small of our human experiences. Our most intimate interactions with the people around us. I build a bond of trust with my photographic subjects so I can explore their true nature.

Biography by David Frey

Discovering photography at age 14 and professionally at 17, I never thought that photography would become my ultimate passion and career of choice. Now, with over 25 years of experience in the business, the things that I focus on are still very similar in its core as when I was a budding wedding and studio photographer at a young age. The nuances of how light frames a photo, capturing the raw and natural feelings of a moment, its spontaneity, joy, believability, and ultimately the stories of our photos. Because that’s what life’s all about - your timeless stories, free of trends and filled with enduring, authentic passion, warmth, and excitement. It always has been and forever will be my honor to tell your story, become part of your family, and capture the priceless, beautiful moments of your life events through photography.

Santa Monica, California

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